Tuesday, July 14, 2009

After Mothers Day Comes Fathers Day

True to the setting of making the day special for the person you are recognizing , Billy and Ricky woke Jeff with a pillow fight. They pounced him from both sides as he lay slumbering!!

After that we enjoyed a lunch of pancakes made with the beloved Mrs Butterworths, Jeff's food bliss. This day fell at the end of a very busy season, so the goal was to give Jeff the gift of rest. This is why he had a lunch, not a breakfast to enjoy.

The day was very easy. We had a slow day of Net Flix numb-out. We called the Dads in our world. The day ended with a simple dinner.

However what he really wanted to do, if he wasn't so sleepy was to explore Hetch Hetchy. So on July 5th we made that Belated Fathers Day trip.

We went in through the Mariposa Grove entrance, and just after the tunnel, fire was among us. As we drove it increased..bummer! We new we wouldn't be able to leave that way, no biggy, we left through the Arch. The funny thing is the Arch is really close to the town of Mariposa, yet the other side of the park hosts the Mariposa Grove, go figure.

At any rate on the way to Hetch Htechy we found a shady campground with a day use area called Diamond O. This place boasts a lovely swim hole on the Toulmne River. This is where we ate our picnic lunch.

We drove onto the beautiful backwoods of Yosemite, HetchHetchy . We walked across the O'Shaughnessy Dam and through the tunnel on the other side. Some of the waterfalls were still flowing, so that was an unexpected treat.

As we left we landed at the Cascade swimhole/picnic area. We swam and ate our dinner here before heading home.

As often as we visit Yosemite, as much as we have seen, we continue to find new treasures.

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