Thursday, July 16, 2009

California: the passageway for Mavericks

Farewell and hello again to you, and you ..and you and you and you. A bit like ocean waves, constantly moving in and out.

We went to the Bigg's farewell swim/potluck. Another one bites the dust, they are off to a wonderful adventure...a new life in Kansas. Although it was a happy day, there was an underlying tone of sorrow-as we knew this could very well be the last time we see them. B&R are saying, thank goodness for facebook. I agree, it makes the world a little smaller. It allows us to keep up with others as well, including the Winter's.

The same day the Biggs left for their new adventure, the Winter family arrived for a visit here. THE SAME DAY!

We had a wonderful time celebrating our friendships at their welcome back picnic at Woodward park. We also had a swim party, went to Blackbeard's, took in a movie & a pizza dinner. We managed to squeeze one last visit in before they headed back to Tennessee to send the kiddos off with a little something-something.

Want to know one universal interesting thing, that I've observed by listening to friends who have moved all over this country..leaving California? Their neighbors are so much more friendly. Why is that? Is it our faster lifestyle? Is it because we don't see a point in attaching ourselves because of the great California exodus? Is it because we have too many rules, so we are cranky? Is it because we are preoccupied with "business, and nothing personal" After all we have a country to lead!!

I have noticed that people who love California are here for the climate & money. I've noticed that those who want an engaging community life..well, they leave. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. There are also a whole lot of people who move through life in a complaining fog. They aren't happy, but it never occurs to them that they could have another job, live some place else.

I remember going to Indiana and people talking to me every where I went. At the gas station, White Castle, grocery store..everywhere I went they tried to strike a conversation. I was taken aback by the friendliness, I didn't know how to handle it. We don't do that in California for the most part. Now I will give these silly mountain folk some props, some of them are more friendly then in Fresno. However a whole lot of them are up here hiding from people..the word is not friendly!

I'm not stupid enough to think that once you leave California soil, you waltz into a world of bliss. Everyone knows we bemoan living here , but I'm really not doing the "grass is greener" thing. California bashing is kinda like a sport, but I'm sure residents of other states have their own issues they contend with, its a pick your evil kind thing..I guess. I want to be content here, really I do. It just gets frustrating when most every time we find a normal friend, they move..out of state! Oh, and about the transplants? Most I meet are freaks. They are here expressing their freakdom, that's their whole goal in life.

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