Monday, July 13, 2009

Independence Day

We made a last minute decision to spend the day at Bass Lake. We were not disappointed. Yes it was crowded, and parking was a chore. Yet we did find a decent spot to park both the car and our little picnic. A little while after our arrival a Chitudo family planted themselves next to us, a nice surprise.

We had a wonderfully relaxing day of swimming, reading, sun-soaking and munching.

As we waited for the big shabang a drunk man stood at the edge of the lake and insisted on everyone's attention as he proceeded to announce his daughter and son-in-laws wedding engagment. When he didn't recieve the response he wanted he yelled into the crowd untill people responded with the love he intended to be displayed for such an occasion.

As the sun went down and the jazz from Ducey's began we found the real reason we were here. Cool mountain summer divine! Much, much better than 4th in the Valley!

We sang the National Anthem as the first fireworks went up. (among other songs)

The display was absolutely fantastic!!

The drive home was not bad at all. We skipped traffic jams by parking at an escape spot and driving home through North Fork vs Oakhurst.

.......and yes, we are crazy enough to join the thousands of fans (a testement to the spectaluar display in the sky) next year.

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