Sunday, July 12, 2009

Party up!

Between the four of us, we have been to 8 parties over the last two months. Wow! Everyone had their own style. Crazy times in our world providing anything from swimming, go carting, movies, volleyball, air guns, John's incredible pizza, hiking etc..They have all been wonderful sporting much food and much love. We are glad all of you are in our lives. We have been thrilled to share in your birthdays, graduations and arrival of the "driving" excitement.

However, in our own house, the most exceptional celebration is that Ricky is now a teenager (yikes-that makes two in the house) and Billy is old enough to start drivers Ed/training.

My babies are growing up on me. I had a vivid example of that during this years Flatlanders celebration. As I sat in Jacki's store holding baby Shelby I watched not only my boys, but the neighborhood kids as well. Everyone is growing I went into a bit of a daydream of yesteryear thinking about my little tots during the first Flatlanders I experienced. I remember them eagerly collecting candies tossed their way during the parade. As they grew a bit older: face painting, clowns, carnival games, fire engines and cop car exploring, hay rides, midway rides, frog jumping competitions, and even a circus one year. Now, the town celebrations have quieted down and the kids all leave so quickly. It was a ghost town by noon. B&R don't remember much from the early years and were just as happy to go hang out with other teens at the Soltero swim party. Oops, I got off the subject at hand...birthday parties

Well this year we didn't propose the annual "do you want a party or a trip" question. Ricky's birthday fell on the same day as the Santa Clara convention. Great America is across the street from this convention center. Jeff, Billy & I played our own theme music as we secretly planned an trip in celebration of Ricky's birthday at this theme park. Ricky had resigned himself to taking writing and organization classes on his birthday. We did manage to keep our little secret until just before we left. The gig was up. Not all was lost though. He was still surprised. He just got his surprise earlier. He loved his "gift". Billy loved Ricky's "gift". Heck! We all loved his "gift".

While we were in Santa Clara we were intending on going out for the traditional birthday celebratory dinner. However the boys wanted to go to the Olive Garden-out of our price range. Especially considering we just went to Great America, renewed our CHEA membership and bought curriculum. Billy, always the politician shared, "if we used this as a joint birthday dinner then the money would actually be less", we consented. We sang to both, as they received their desert.

A few days after arriving back home Billy got his "gift" ; two tickets to see Stomp in concert. He brought his brother, what a guy. Shhhh...let him think it was his idea. Billy has been waiting years to go to this show. I plotted this puppy..and no , he didn't find out until we told him! We have a tradition of having a little something for the morning of each boys birthday. So Billy opened his eyes to a happy birthday banner with two stomp tickets pinned to a corner.

My Mom and Step-dad sent the each boy money, which they used to buy tickets to the revelation tour concert starring Third Day, Brandon Heath & Revive.
Jeff's parents kicked the summer off to a good start giving each boy a new pair of swim trunks, a beach towel and river shoes. They also treated Ricky...and the rest of us to dinner at a restaurant of his choice in celebration of becoming a TEENAGER. He choose TGI Fridays.

Oh, and by the way, no one ever mentioned not being asked "the" question.

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