Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The man camping trip

Due to the crazy mama kitty and adolescent Dalmatian Eddy I was unable to join the family on our first camping trip this summer. However I punched out almost all I need to for next school year in the time I had alone. At this point all I need to do is get information in regards to field trips from our school group and buy a few more supplies, the bulk of which will happen with the local back to school sales.

In preparation for this trip Ricky got his bake on! First he made snicker doodles, but they all got eaten. Then he made oatmeal raisin cookies. He ended with a batch of brownies.

CJ came along on this trip. Thursday evening he was with us so he got a crazy Chitudo workout. The next morning the 3 boys packed up the 4 runner while Jeff worked. After some minor set backs they were on their way. Unfortunately self employment kept the phone ringing most of the ride over.

Their first stop was at Fort Ord Dunes

..and then it was on to the Pfieffer Big Sur St. Pk. Camp ground (it runs along the Big Sur River) They set up camp. The night ended with cocoa smores and a story circle...surprised?

This trip was intended for Billy to fulfill part of his congressional award goals. Billy pick the stop, made the reservations and was completely in charge on Saturday. We decided to add a day before and a day after to make travel a little easier. However he still had to get the spot for all three days.

Billy's plans;

Morning: wake up, make fire...

Breakfast: pancakes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, coffee and cocoa
Clean up campsite and pack lunch for trails.(Deli sandwiches, granola bars, beef jerky and lots of water.

Hikes: #1 Mc Way Falls (a waterfall flowing over a cliff into the ocean below).
#2 Mount Manuel (a very steep, very narrow, loose graveled cliff-side trail with shoulder high weeds and poison oak.) Billy's original 2nd hike was inaccessible do to fire damage, this was his alternative.

Back at camp: Swimming the Big Sur river

Dinner: Chili Cheese Dogs & soda

Desert: Smores & Cocoa

Sunday everyone slept in. Ricky was the first one up, so he already had the fire going..yes safely. After breakfast and packing everything up they made their way to Point Lobos.

After that they went to Sand City in Monterrey. Again they had a crazy drive, this time the culprit was traffic, two hours of waiting on Pacheco pass. Then they dropped CJ off and came home. The evening was spent taking showers, shaving and staring at the TV.

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