Thursday, October 1, 2009

Its gonna be a gnarly ride, but as a team we can do even this!

   After a long discussion, making sure every voice was heard, united in purpose in the promise of new beginnings Billy Ricky & I sat around a table in Barnes and Nobles. We were sipping ice cold tea as we filled our day planners with all sorts of fun happenings for the months to come.
   We have made a balanced choice of priorities, with a little of this and a little of that and oh..a little more of that over there. So much is available to our children these days, it can be overwhelming to choose, yet choose we must. Of course there are so very many factors that go into making the final cut.
   In example, I know both of my boys are very disappointed in not taking Bonnie Nyberg's Literature class. (the lady who taught the Drama class) You know, truth be told, I was bummed as well, after they say "they've been Bonnie-fied"! (you got it's to a great teacher!) We just don't have a need for literature supplementation..we are avid readers in this house. So it wasn't worth adding her into the schedule.
  Many "things" gobble up our time, especially in this season (residing in Coarsegold while living in Fresno). We made a commitment to these endeavors. Yet we've had to be extra careful to include space for free time as well as time to fulfill educational pursuits.

Tons of work. Insane schedule. Bring it. Its gonna be a gnarly ride, but as a team we can do even this.

  A typical H.O.T. summer day in Fresno, the thought of  a cup filled with Stone Cold Ice Cream was mesmerizing to my boys. They brought their own money along. So I told them when our pencil pushing got us to January on the calendar section in the day planner they could march on over to their chosen bliss. They brought me one as well, such sweet guys.
  Then it was back to our favorite little cubby with renewed energy to finish our task. I sat down with each boy , purposefully poised and together we prepared their classically eclectic academic section of their day planners in preparation for the first week of school. Well of T.H.E.E. School (the name of our little school) anyway.
  As you already know Billy had been in Physics and Ricky in Choir prior to this date. Actually things like the newspaper and blog never did stop...they went right through the summer.
  For that matter the knowledge of our decision to release Dish Network from our monthly costs and freedom of schedule coming to a close (because Mom dramatically tones down the brain numbinizer during the school year) Billy soaked in as many "That's Impossible", "Lost Treasures" and "Myth Busters" episodes as he could. During breaks from his story/book writing frenzy.
  Meanwhile Ricky consumed a steady diet of "Man vs Wild", "Fight Quest" and "Human Weapon". All the while getting inspired in his knife throwing-spear tossing-pick axe swinging-while barefoot and wearing an ipod skills. Good Heavens! What will I do with him in city? hmmmm...Oops, I got side tracked, from my side track! Hee-hee! My point was...does learning aka "schooling" ever really stop?
  Well...back to my tale....this meeting, at Barnes and Nobles, happened a month ago today! We have pretty much settled into rhythm of the scheduling frenzy-even after a major set back causing me the need to pour myself into the routine and prop myself up at the table. (I hate head colds!) Monday Mayhem is the tricky one, yet we WILL tame that beast as well. (Becky has been a real trooper in regards to this)
  The First-Day-of-School Mega Breakfast was well received.  The Homeschool Spirit week Month was wonderful yet again. It's great to gather together in a general celebration of the freedom, joy and strength of our shared homeschool-hood!

Here's to many more fun times!   Let's all WORK hard, so we can PLAY hard!...and RELAX in peace.

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