Thursday, October 1, 2009

So what are they doing in 8th and 10th grade anyway?

mmmm, I love the smell of newly cracked open school books. My basket of pink erasers and a truck load of mechanical pencils is divine. It's just what I needed to get all tingly and excited about teaching my children.

Some of the subjects listed are merely for our personal use...not a complete credit. Our family studies, contenders projects such as cooking and oral reading are examples of that concept.

Other subjects will be listed on the boys transcripts as these show a completed course. Example are Physics, Algebra and Latin.

10th Grade (Billy)
  • Geometry
  • British Literature/Composition
  • Physics
  • Spanish 2
  • Newspaper/Yearbook
  • World Percussion
  • Photography
  • Contenders/Congressional Award
  • Penmanship/Typing
  • Oral Reading
  • British History
  • British Theology
  • Logic 3
  • Physical Fitness
  • Character/Philosophy(intro)/Doctrine/Faith
  • Art
  • Drivers Ed./Training/ Health
  • Youth Group(s)
8th Grade (Ricky)
  • Algebra 1/2
  • English (Grammar & Composition)
  • Spelling
  • Physical Science
  • Latin
  • Newspaper/Yearbook
  • Guitar Lessons/Piano Lessons
  • Choir
  • Boy Scouts/Contenders
  • Penmanship & Typing
  • Oral Reading
  • Ren. & Ref. History/Literature
  • Logic
  • Art 
  • Physical Fitness
  • Character/Philosophy (Intro) /Doctrine/Faith
  • Youth Group (s)

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