Wednesday, October 21, 2009

mmm, apples.....pickin' em, peelin' em & coookin' em!!!

   While on our trip through "Gold Country" we stopped at a road side apple farm. We gathered a box of heirloom apples. That box has been staring up at us from the counter ever since then.
  So it was that last weekend we chained ourselves to the kitchen. Billy, Ricky & I began first thing Saturday morning making completely yummy apple butter. Since this is such a long, and at times boring process we decided to make an caramel apple crunch pie to boot! I will never make a regular apple pie again
  Jeff called home to ask if the kitchen staff would like him to bring home dinner. Hmmm, that is an offer I won't refuse. We played a challenging game of Settlers of Catan while munching on pizza and pie. Oh, and waiting, waiting, waiting for apple butter to cook.
  After church on Sunday we met up with an old high school buddy of Jeff's. We had lunch at..wait for it..yep, Applebee's.  After that we drove back up into the hills we call home. 
   We closed our apple-filled weekend by making fabulous caramel apples and playing a crazy game of Apples to Apples.
  I found the answer to my apple pie woes. I finally got around to making apple butter. I was able to play two long rousing games with my guys. Yes, it's cup runneth over!


Charity Anne said...

The pie is gone. However it has been so great to have our little jars of apple butter to spread on toast in the mornings. Yummy!

solehah said...

You have long time friends bcuz you're such nice people!

Charity Anne said...

thank you so much!