Tuesday, August 4, 2009


1. Dorie & I along with our husbands solve the worlds problems via conversation. The four of us sit and talk for hours and seem to never run out of solutions.

2. Dorie challenges me to eat better, she is a wonderful nutritionist.

3. Dorie & her family shared a cabin with us at Huntington lake. We enjoyed time down at the lake as well as a brisk hike & lovely picnic sitting on boulders amongst a trickling creek.

4. Dorie, and her family introduced us to rock climbing.

5. Dorie is secretly silly, as is Jet. I like her spunky side. Her smile is infectious.

6. Dorie is an awesome hostess. We always enjoy time at her house.

7. Dorie 1st words when she walked into this new house were "Oh Charity, this is you". She just understands what I had to speak to others.

8. Dorie is lovely. She has been kind and honest-a refreshing spirit.

9. Dorie (& Jet) have an amazing slide show of their trip to the Mount Everest area. Dorie cracked me up, as she relayed her story. I'll never forget, she said she was disappointed at finally viewing Everest after all the hype. She had the feeling of "That's it?"

10. Dorie, our children & I had an Egyptian feast in celebration of the school years study in ancient civilizations.

11. Dorie is style. Dorie is grace. I want to be Dorie when I grow up.

12. Dorie is easy to talk to. Dorie is easy going. Streamlined and not fussy. We have had a picnic in Peoples church parking lot and at a local park & the only requirement was shade. I appreciate her accommodating nature. Dorie is a jewel.

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