Monday, August 10, 2009

Exploring the Kings Canyon (said to be the deepest in the US)

Unfortunately when we went to reserve a campsite, there were NONE available in Kings Canyon, so we opted to stay next door in Sequoia. We landed in Dorst Creek, which was a nice spot. We played around in Dorst Creek for awhile and then took to the majestic Muir Grove Trail . Billy and I had a wonderful long, sweet, funny talk. Something I will always treasure. On our way back we soaked our weary feet in Cabin Creek. These are the only two creeks we visited here. However we hear that there are many more that run through the area. As we were leaving Sequoia we stopped at the Lost Grove and were able to witness a bear at play.
Of course we did get to visit the Kings Canyon as was planned. After stopping at the Kings Canyon visitor center museum, we walked through Grants Grove. Then it was down the STEEP canyon all the way to the Cedar Grove area. Here we braved the South Fork of the Kings River. Of course Ricky was the bravest of us all, he swam all the way across and climbed out to sun on the opposite bank. It was a little scary watching the river under tow carry him off to the side a ways, but he is a very strong swimmer and did just fine!
Jeff felt the need to drive all the way to the end of the road. The area called "Roads End" has such a name because of the impassable gargantuan mountains in this u-shaped spot.
We also hiked the breath taking Zumwalt Meadow Loop. The boys were walking a bit faster than J & I. When we looked up we saw Ricky hanging from the suspension wires on the pedestrian bridge that lays across the river. We, of course made him get down, but secretly wish we got a picture first.
We stopped at the Roaring River, an off shoot of the Kings to take in the Roaring River Falls. Here Ricky swam in the pools below the falls. Jeff waded in a bit.
After a quick stop at Knapp's Cabin we were on our way back up the canyon and onto home.

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