Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Jacki

(First off my step mom's name is Jackie, that's my Dads Jackie. That is why I call this lady My Jacki.)
1. Jacki & I sang "Froggie went a courtin'" and many other nursery rhymes. We got our groove on during a road trip in a car full of teenyboppers.(and at a gas station music blasting, windows rolled down)

2. Jacki & I love Lays BBQ chips, Pepsi & Snickers bars. They make us happy.

3. Jacki & I like long talks over Hot Tea or Coffee

4. I got to be one of the first people to meet Jacki's first Grand baby, little Miss Miley Elizabeth.

5. Jacki & I..& our kids dressed up in the goofiest outfits we could find in the goodwill and took pictures. We had our own little "fashion" show right then and there.

6. I got to celebrate Jacki's 1 year anniversary of her store with her. I helped her in the Dog gone Cute Costume Contest. "Puppy Love" who lives across the street from my in laws won 1st place.

7. Jacki has trusted me with her thoughts. She has cried. She has laughed. She has let me in her heart.

8. Jacki taught my boys about Top Roman Noodles, Kool Aid, Coffee Creamer in Milk and many other FUN things to consume.

9. Jacki taught my boys to make Tortillas as we celebrated Cinco de Mayo together. Jacki & I held an art co-op together.

10. Jacki & I shot boogers at each other, got in trouble for climbing on art structures, traveled hours and hours to get a pumpkin...cuz the ones at the market weren't good enough & scraped the top of her truck in a parking garage in Sacramento. We like field trips.

11. Jacki makes a side dish of her Broccoli Salad without bacon for me because she knows I don't like to eat pork.

12. Jacki & I watched as our kids made Lemonade for a stand by the road.

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