Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In light of national friendship day, this post and the next few will honor my girl friends


1. Regina hosted a girls night out party....and got her ears pierced. She is the first Mom I've known to do that.

2. Regina has an RV in her drive way filled with games, videos and snacks.

3. Regina introduced me to Lewis Creek.

4. Regina & her girls are our board game buddies.

5. Regina was the first person I informed when I moved up to Coarsegold.

6. Regina is the toughest softy I've ever met.

7. Regina is true to her beliefs, what richness in her spirit.

8. Regina delights in her faithfulness to do her best mothering, consistent in her homeschooling efforts, what zeal she brings to the table!

9. Throughout the years our like mindedness has continued to bring us together in sometimes unexpected ways.

10. Regina remembered our love of fruit popsicles and brought "the right ones" to us, just cuz.

11. Regina took my Ricky aside and helped him with his baseball woes. She painted a smile on a difficult day.

12. Regina, myself & our families enjoy hiking together....we talk, talk, talk the whole time!!

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