Monday, August 10, 2009

Goodbye Summer

Oh how I adore quiet mornings and lovely lazy days. How I wish it would stay this way a bit longer.
I hate the heat, as everyone knows, but even I can admit that the clear blue mountain sky, golden (burnt) hillsides and a good portion of Valley Oaks make for a striking display-like a child's picture book.
Yes, summer has its charm. I will miss summer, but not the heat. I will miss the free time to read for hours on end. I will miss feeling the sweet, gentle mountain breeze as I sit out late at night star gazing. I will miss actually watching movies all the way through on a regular basis. I will miss listening to waves hit the beach and soaking in sunshine after a bracing swim in an alpine lake or river. I will even miss facebook as it has become a fun time waster.
Alas, Jeff & I finished making our schooling decisions under a canopy of trees at a picnic table along the shores of Bass lake. We have attended two of the four fall homeschool meetings. Billy began his Physics class last week and is preparing to take the PSAT. Ricky will start choir, guitar and piano soon. Yes, the school year is creeping up on us. Though we have no choice but to submit, I anxiously await my dear Autumn, which brings a different kind of exhale in a most busy schedule.

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