Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jenny Dawn

1. When I go to Jenny's house, I take my shoes off. I know I will be there for a while. She makes me that comfortable. I can be me.

2. Jenny & I drove to Aptos (& went by Mount Madonna hee-hee) to get Eddy-Bo. This is the dog she pushed for Ricky to get. Jenny's dog Mandy is our Leroy's Mama.

3. Jenny or I used to call each other-we'd talk virtually everyday. We'd share our dreams to come & the life we were currently living.

4. Jenny & I shouted obscene things into the night outside of our apartments. Our units were side by side. CJ & Billy had a system of morse code that they played each night as their beds touched the same wall. In this same complex we had a neighborhood party complete with ferrets (due to a Fresno Heat Black out)

5. Jenny..& her family served me a "special plate". If you receive your meal on this plate everyone present has to pay you a complement..I cried.

6. Jenny is Genuine. She is honest. She doesn't pretend to be something she's not. Jenny is tough, but she is fragile.

7. Jenny sneaks her special desserts past the kids & husbands to share with me every holiday.

8. Jenny & I decorated her house until we were delirious. We hung a picture upside down & eventually we couldn't even see the nails on the wall to hang other pictures. We fell to the floor laughing trying not to pee our pants.

9. Jenny made my boys custom quilts, throw pillows & pillow cases with her own two hands.

10. Jenny reminds me of the simple joys in life. To be still. To read my Bible. To rest.

11. Jenny & I have looked in tidepools, fed squirrels, watched elephant seals, gone to rivers and beaches. We have walked to neighborhood ponds. We share a love for Gods marvelous creation.

12. Jenny's family started calling me Charity Annie & now many many people do that too. Jenny's family also taught us how to properly sing the birthday song as well as to release our fear of flatulence.

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