Thursday, August 6, 2009

Out there havin' fun in the warm California sun!!

This was another spontaneous trip, seems to be the trend these days. We had a lovely deep sleep the night before and had a relaxing easy morning.
A late breakfast conversation found us suddenly suggesting, hey lets go to Dinkey Creek! So it was that after a quick gathering of food, drinks, towels, river shoes, sun block and books we hit the road.
None of the guys had ever been in the summer before. We took a short unremarkable trip in the winter one year. My sketchy memory was of a camping trip that I went on when I was maybe 9ish. It was fun for me to reminisce the happenings and landmarks of that trip and try to retrace some of the treasured memories.
Even though it was kin to the blind leading the blind we found our way to a gorgeous pool with high granite domes on each side, the guys had fun cliff jumping . The other visitors informed us that this place is called "the bathtub".
Again, due to help of the regulars, we were lead to a spot called "The Slicks" which is a series of very smooth rocks making for a natural water park. Jeff and I sat in the crystal clear shallow water and leisurely took it all in for quite a while.
After that we decided to join Billy & Ricky in their exploration. We found ourselves at another swim hole, this one had the charm of a waterfall flowing into it ( never did discover its name). Jeff & I borrowed Ricky's inner tube for a relaxing float. Ricky insisted on hiking with it around his neck and then didn't want to use it when we arrived here.
The last stop before we went home was, as we soon found out, "Honeymoon Pool". Here B&R floated, floated and floated some more. Jeff & I sat on a giant Granite "hillside" completely sheltered in a tent of pine trees, absolutely breathtaking!

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